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Defective Drain Pipes

Defective Drain Pipes

Defective drain pipes have been showing up in homes and businesses since 1988.  When the defective pipes are found the failure is usually at a glue joint and recognizable by the horizontal crack running aroung the pipe.  Finding a leak in your house is no joke and not much fun either.  It is even worse when you discover that it is on a drain pipe and the water that's leaking is dirty, yucky and smelly.  With all the years that Kurt Bohmer’s Plumbing has been in business we've got these leaking pipes down. 

There are several methods used to repair defective ABS pipe leaks and regardless of which is used it is very important that no glue be used on the defective pipes.  When bad plastic ABS pipe made between 1988 and 1991 is glued it weakens the pipe and causes cracking.  The repairs should be made using approved mechanical compression couplings such as no- hub bands and band seal couplings.  Using ABS (solvent weld) glue on old pipes will cause a reoccurance of the leak. 

Not all ABS pipe made during this period is defective you can find out detailed information including how to make a claim at  While you are have your professional plumber at the house to fix that troublesome leak, take advantage of having a real pro in the house and inspect the other connections for leaks. 

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