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Tankless Water Heater Info

Tankless Water Heater Info


Let me start by saying that there are fantastic benefits to having and using on demand water heaters or "tankless" water heaters. An unlimited supply of hot water and no need to use space to store a tank of preheated water are just the beginning. Tankless water heaters are in general, (or in writing,) highly efficient, they usually have about an 82% efficiency rating. For those who don't know, that is a good thing. On demand units are also great for space heating, they make great auxiliary or back up heaters for solar water heating systems, and they can be installed in almost any area of the home including the attic or rafters in the garage. When installed in the right location for the right reasons with the right technology, tankless water heaters are definitely the way to go.

On demand water heating has been around for decades, it is not a new technology, it is an old technology with new applications. The method behind on demand systems is similar to that of pool heaters or boilers for multi-family dwellings and businesses, it is simply a scaled down version. In fact, many businesses have converted from traditional tank type water heaters to tankless technology. When a complete design retrofit is done, as opposed to simply making a sale for an expensive system, a much more efficient restaurant is born. This design change is the difference between old thought processes and new. The decades old system of quick heating water meets streamlined thorough usage principals for a sustainable solution.

Now for the mythbuster's about tankless water heaters. The two best arguments against tankless water heaters have to do with function and behavior. Because on demand water heaters are just that, on demand, there is a delay between turning the water on and actually having the unit fire up. This means waiting longer for hot water to travel through the pipes to the point of use. For a person who has, in the past, waited 20 seconds for hot water to arrive at a faucet, that time would conceivably be stretched to about 30 seconds. Due to design, some houses have a master or upstairs bathroom where the wait time for hot water is longer than 3 minutes! With a median flow rate for most faucets of 2.5 gallons per minute, that is 7.5 gallons of water THEY ARE NOT EXPERTS!!! Regardless of the on the job training and certification they have received, the real world application is not only different, it changes almost daily. "Green" or environmentally efficient does have an initial cost up front that seems high, however, if you use the current technology fully you will have more money in your pocket over the long haul.

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